Defense Of Ani Chumburidze's Doctoral Dissertation from The Business School Doctoral Program

18 January 2024

On January 18, Ani Chumburidze defended her thesis titled "The Analysis of The Impact of Conflict Management on Job Satisfaction and Employee Turnover in the Public Sector in Georgia" at Caucasus University. The scientific supervisor of the thesis was Professor Boris (Buba) Lezhava.


The defense of the dissertation was held before the dissertation board:


  • Elene Jgharkava, Associate Professor, Dean of The School of Business, Caucasus University;
  • Boris (Buba) Lezhava, Professor, Vice-President in The Field of Research and Strategic Development, Caucasus University;
  • Tengiz Taktakishvili, Associate Professor, School of Business, Caucasus University;
  • Ekaterine Natsvlishvili, Affiliated, Associate Professor, European University;
  • Lili Bibilashvili, Professor, East European University;


During the defense, Ani Chumburidze presented her dissertation and answered questions. Subsequently, the reviewer, Ekaterine Natsvlishvili, an associate professor from the European University, provided her assessments of the work.


According to the evaluation of the board, Ani Chumburidze successfully defended her dissertation and was awarded the degree of Doctor of Management.