Duration of the program: 2 years

Specialty: Finance

Language of instruction: Georgian

Degree: Master of Business Administration in Finance


To achieve this, graduates will have the following sectoral and general competencies:


  • Deep theoretical knowledge of functional areas of business administration and the ability to apply knowledge in practice;
  • The ability to make logical decisions based on conceptual, systematic and strategic vision, goals and objectives, to see problems, to analyze them in a complex manner and to make reasoned conclusions in the practice of managerial functions and roles;
  • The ability to develop effective organizational structure and corporate culture, teamwork and interpersonal skills, develop effective communication skills (written/verbal) with the representatives of sectoral and other fields;
  • The ability to plan and execute research using modern technologies and research methods;
  • The ability to adapt to critical and rapidly changing environments, develop critical thinking skills, creative approach to issues, self-development, achievement of goals, independent and team work, timely and ethical decision making;


Graduates of the program can be employed in the following areas:


  • Business management, development, analytics;
  • Finance planning, management, monitoring;
  • Financial reporting, analysis, forecasting;
  • Budgeting and control;
  • Corporate banking;
  • Credit and Operational Risk Management;
  • Planning and managing strategic projects;
  • Planning and managing operational processes;
  • Communication with investors and attracting financial resources;
  • Trading securities;