Qualification to be awarded: Master of Education/Profession – Primary School Teacher Length of education – 5 years. Enrolment places – 30.


The aim of the Integrated Bachelor’s-Master’s Degree Program of Teacher of Primary Education (Initial Teacher Education or Training ITET) is to train successful, competitive professionals in Education with the knowledge and professional skills and a potential of growth and professional development meeting current demands.


The Program is comprised of three modules:


  • Free Component (60 ECTS) comprised of elective courses;
  • Course and Methodological Module (180 ECTS) consisting of the following course groups: professional skills, 2. Social Sciences, 3. Natural Sciences, 4. Mathematics, 5. Georgian Language and Literature.


School Practice and Practice Research (60 ECTS) envisaging taking independent educational internship at partner schools and NGOs – in the second semester of each year 5-5 ECTS practice within course groups, Total 25 ECTS/625 hours. In addition, the students will have 851 built-in school practice, as one of the chief aims of the Program is to allow its graduates to effectively convert theoretical knowledge into practice.


Main advantages of studying at Caucasus University:


  • Program structure and design;
  • A team of professionals with unique experience;
  • Guarantees of effectively applying theoretical knowledge into practice;
  • Comfortable, inclusive well-equipped physical environment;
  • Student-centered learning environment and management system.
  • Prospects of career growth and development.


In addition to pedagogical pursuits, the Program graduates will have adequate knowledge and skills to:


  • be an author and implementer of various research, education-resources creation and other projects;
  • be a leader in education involved in running and developing a school, Pedagogical Council and the highest self-governance body, as well as of the Governing Board;
  • be a reliable pillar and partner in identifying and conducting educational policy and implementing reforms;
  • be a participant of international processes in promotion literacy or other activities carried out for enhancement of the educational system.


Employment opportunities


You will have a wide scope of employment opportunities in public and private schools with a wide profile – teaching any course in the I-VI grades.