The program is designed to include 300 ECTS distributed for 10 semesters with each semester comprising 30 ECTS.


Hence, the expected duration of the Integrated Bachelor’s-Master’s Program of Teacher of Primary Education (Initial Teacher Education or Training ITET) is 5 years. An academic year consists of two semesters, with each including weeks for class hours, holding additional examinations and grading students. Each academic year is a combination of semesters and a break between them.


1 ECTS equals to 25 hours including class hours (classes, seminars, practical work etc.) as well as time for independent work (for Midterm and Final grading, as well as preparing homework assignments and presentations).


The mandatory component designed for acquiring the profession is allocated 240 ECTS out of which 180 ECTS is for general education courses in primary education/course groups and methodological modules, 60 ECTS for School internship and practice research module. The free component and elective courses are allocated 60 ECTS, out of which 20 ECTS go to the English language, 20 ECTS to the field and professional mandatory courses. The remaining 20 ECTS can be accumulated through elective credits, which students are free to choose out of total 45 ECTS.


The 300 ECTS envisaged by the Program allow students to acquire maximum 20 ECTS by free credits (through replacing elective courses).


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