program overview

Duration of study - 1 year

Number of places - 25

Language of instruction - Georgian


The mission of the Georgian language training program is to ensure the competitiveness of non-Georgian language school graduates by creating Georgian language proficiency and equal starting conditions for continuing their studies in Georgian language programs in higher education institutions; Putting the students of the program on a level playing field with other entrants for their further success, realization of intellectual potential and a dignified life.


The aim of the Georgian language training program is to ensure that the student has a mandatory minimum language competency based on the European Common Language Framework (CEF) in order to be eligible to continue their studies at Caucasus University after completing the program.


Prospect of continuing education


The graduates of the program continue their studies in Georgian at the bachelor's degree level at Caucasus University, in any field, as well as the Integrated Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Program for Teachers, the Integrated Master's Degree in Veterinary Medicine, and educational program of a certified physician/dentist.


The main advantages of studying at Caucasus University are:


Program structure and design;


  • A team of professionals with unique experience;
  • Guarantees of effective application of theoretical knowledge in practice;
  • Comfortable, inclusive and modern physical environment;
  • Student-centered environment and management system.
  • Prospects for professional growth and career advancement 


To support students in the Georgian language learning process, to improve practical skills in field specifics, to improve intercultural relationships and newfound skills (another language, culture, new people or new field of knowledge), students will be able to do field internships in Caucasus University partner organizations with the help of faculties/schools.