CU What? Where? When?

6 October 2018

On October 6, in Caucasus University campus Caucasus School of Economics organized a tournament - CU What? Where? When? The winner of the Fall 2018 Games in which 17 teams from different schools were participants was the team of Caucasus School of Economics–“Phenix–5.” The second and the third places were won by the teams of Caucasus School of Technology.


The I, II and the III place holders were given 300, 200 and 100 GEL vouchers, respectively, from the Publishers– Books in Batumi.


The winner team was handed over the challenge cup of the What? Where? When? by the dean of Caucasus School of Economics, leading thinker of the intellectual tournament Mr. Soso Berikashvili.


The first four place holder teams will compete against one another in Brain Ring to reveal the winner.