program structure

Teaching process is structured around semesters. All teaching components last one semester. A semester consists of calendar weeks. Each week comprises contact hours, as well as, hours for independent work. Semester may include 2 or 16 calendar weeks. The number of weeks for each semester is planned individually according to each cohort. 


I Year

II Year

III Year



4 Academic Semesters

Seminars and Methodological Courses

Teaching and Assistantship Component



PhD in Economics program consists of teaching component (60 ECTS credits) and research component (no less than four academic semesters). Program`s teaching component includes mandatory seminars and methodological courses (34 ECTS credits), optional seminar (6 ECTS credits) and teaching and assistantship (20 ECTS credits). Doctoral student can choose one of the elective seminars offered by the program. Research component comprises a Dissertation. Before Dissertation doctoral student is required to participate in academic scientific conference (present conference paper himself/herself) on relevant topic of Dissertation. 



Detailed information can be found in the curriculum of the English-language doctoral program in economics.

Program Brochure