The aim of the Master’s Program in Public Administration is to bring up professional public servants with theoretical knowledge and practical skills as well as high ethical values, who will contribute to significant qualitative improvmenet of the country’s state administration and the system of public governance.  


The program is designed to educate professional public servants having a multidisciplinary, systemic and deep knowledge in Public governance and practical skills in managing the country, which is vital for carrying out fundamental changes.


Notably, the Caucasus School of Governance is a member of Networks of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration of Central and Eastern Europe (NISPAcee) which provides for further external peer review and standars. It is noteworthy, that the concept of the School of Governance and its programs was devised back in 2006-2012 by the NISPAcee President, elected for two terms, late Prof. Mzia Mikeladze (before her death in 2012). Currently, the School’s MA PA program fully corresponds to the existing higher education standards in Europe.


The language of instruction: Georgian, English.