Program Structure

Master’s Program in Public Administration comprises of 120 ECTS, out of which 50 ECTS is a module for mandatory courses in specialty, 30 ECTS research and practice module (45 ECTS offered) and elective specialty courses module – 40 ECTS (89 ECTS offered). The elective courses module includes a block of Public Governance and Politics (58 ECTS) and a block of Security and International Politics (31 ECTS);


For the students of Master’s Program in Public Administration preparation and defense of the Master’s thesis is mandatory, which equals to 17 ECTS. While working on the Master’s paper students are required to take Master’s Paper Design (3 ECTS). Master’s Paper and Research Design are included in Research and Practice Module.


Master’s Program in Public Governance allows students to opt  for 10 ECTS alternative free credits instead of taking courses from elective modules of the other programs of Caucasus University, programs of the partner universities and other ECTS awarding programs.