Only those persons are eligible to apply for the PhD Program of International Relations who have:

  • Master’s degree or any other equivalent degree (he/she shall submit a diploma certifying having such a degree from accredited higher educational institution);
  • At least a two-year working experience and GPA 2.5 and higher on the Master’s level of education (preferably Political Sciences, International Relations, Law, European Studies, Public Administration, Economics and other corresponding specialties).


To be eligible for enrollment the candidate (list could be adjusted during each enrollment):

-shall take an interview with the examination commission of the Caucasus School of Governance;

-submit a Cover Letter and CV;

-submit a two-page analysis of a scientific article or a book (the applicant shall review a book or a scientific article published in an international refereed journal in the field of international relations, which he/she has read lately. He/she shall mention in the analysis what the article was about, what he/she discovered from it, why he/she liked/disliked it, what were the  research methods and possibly critique);

-draft of the research he/she is planning to carry out.


  • To be eligible for enrollment in the Program the applicant shall know the English language at least at B2 level (CEFR) in accordance with the National Qualification Framework, which shall be proved by submitting an appropriate certificate (in the case the student does not have such a certificate an examination will be requested);
  • The applicants who have graduated from Bachelor’s and/or Master’s Programs in the English language or have studied at a foreign university abroad for at least one semester are exempt from the requirement of producing such a certificate.
  • Online registration


The enrollment terms and conditions are adopted and approved by the School Board and are published at the time of submission of applications.


The program cost per year is 2500 GEL.