Pre-condition for enrollment in the PHD program in International Relations is: 


  • Having MA or related academic degree (candidate should represent the relevant document);
  • At least 2 years of work experience or/and more than 2,5 GPA in any MA degree programs (more desirable in Political Science, International Relations, Jurisprudence, European Studies, Public Administration, Economics and other relevant specialties).


Procedures for enrollment in the PHD program include:


  • Online registration;
  • Applicant’s CV (resume) and motivation letter, describing applicant’s interest to study on the program;
  • 1-2-page review-analysis of any book or article (applicant should review any book or article in the field of international relations. He/she should figure out the main finding of the book/article, relevance of applied research methods (if any));
  • Preliminary review of PhD thesis (which can be changed later);
  • Proof of B2 level English language proficiency (submission of internationally recognized certificate). Applicants who have finished english language BA or MA programs are free from the obligation to take the university interview/testing or submit the certificate.
  • Interview with the enrolment commission of the Caucasus School of Governance;


Application package:


  • Certified copy of diploma and grade sheet;
  • Two passport photos (on CD too);
  • Copy of the ID card;
  • Copy of the military service card (for male candidates);


Admission procedures:


  • The deadline for the documents submission- 1-15 September
  • The English language exam will be held on - 18 September
  • Interview with the candidates - 22-23 September (Specific time will be notified to the applicants who passed to the second stage)


Tuition fee and funding:


  • The cost of a three-year doctoral program is 9,000 GEL.
  • Students pay in two parts. Students pay the first part – 4 500 GEL in the first year and accordingly, the second part - 4,500 GEL in the second year.
  • At the end of the first academic year, honored doctoral students are able to obtain a grant with the amount of 4 500 GEL from the Caucasus School of Governance.