Workshop for CSG Students-How to Prepare for a Conference in Social Sciences?

26 April 2018

On April 26, Caucasus Institute for Peace Studies held a workshop for students: "How to prepare for conference in social sciences?" The workshop was held by the Dean of Caucasus School of Governance, Dr. of International Relations Ms. Eka Akobia. The workshop was designed for CSG students who, this academic year or in future, plan to participate in the school / university academic conference or plan to undertake active academic/research activities.


The topics discussed were as follows:


  • Selecting the topic and narrowing the research scope
  • Two types of research essay: argumentative and analytical essays
  • Preparing abstract (short sketch)
  • Research Methods and Research Design
  • What is the literature review?
  • Why do we need a review of literature?
  • The role and use of theory
  • Parallel and direct quotation
  • Quote sources and bibliography
  • How to make a presentation (8 useful rules)


Caucasus School of Governance will hold similar workshops in future.