Within the Framework of PESTUGE project a Memorandum of Cooperation signed for CSG Students

13 March 2018

Organized by CU International Peace Studies and within the framework of “Creation of the Graduate Curricula in Peace Studies in Georgia” (PESTUGE) a memorandum of cooperation was signed by four Georgian Universities  (Tbilisi State University; Ilia State University, Caucasus University and Sukhumi State University) and four partner governmental/non-governmental agencies, including:


  • The apparatus of Parliament of Georgia
  • The Apparatus of the Minister for Reconciliation and Civil Equality
  • Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (Rondeli Foundation)
  • Georgia’s Reforms Associates


Within the framework of the memorandum four students from each partner university were selected (16 students in all), who in 2018 will undertake a one-month practice at partner organizations. The Memorandum entails strengthening the theoretical and field competencies acquired by the students within the PESTUGE project.


It is worth mentioning that at the project partner universities the following courses are taught: Peace Theories; Theories of Peace and Conflicts; International Conflicts and Peace Processes; Management of Peace Processes; Nationalism, Ethnic Conflicts and Peace Operations, etc. 16 courses in all.


The mentioned memorandum is an example of cooperation between higher educational institutions and NGOs and serves the purpose of, on the one hand to make joint efforts for enhancement students’ qualification and professional skills and on the other to link the youth having appropriate scientific knowledge with governmental and non-governmental organizations working on various aspects of conflict resolution.