CSG Master’s Thesis Defense

6 February 2019

On February 2, Caucasus University held a thesis defense for the students of Master’s degree programs in “Diplomacy and International Relations” and “Public Administration”. The students presented their papers to the preparation and defense committee comprised of invited lecturers and representatives of academic personnel of the Master’s degree program in Public Administration– Dr. Eka Akobia, Dr. Grigol Gegelia, Dr. Sergi Kapanadze, Dr.Guranda Chelidze, Dr. Tamar Charkviani and Dr. Levan Geradze.


The following theses were presented:


Diplomacy and International Relation


  1. Salome Gorgiashvili - “Georgia’s migration policy and it’s compatibility with the EU’s migration policy”;
  2. Tatia Mosidze – “The quality of transparency of Georgia’s counterterrorism policy in 2002-2017”
  3. George Sturua – “George Sturua - "Georgia's (as a small state's) Motivation and results for choosing the strategic partner (EU)";
  4. Sophia Khukhia – “Challenged to international law regarding the regulation of armed conflicts”


Public Administration


  1. Mikheil Kamladze – “Causes of the weakness of political party system in Georgia”
  2. Miranda Tedeshvili – “Nepotism and meritocracy in Georgia’s public service in 2012-2018”