Joint Public Lecture by Giorgi Badridze and Ana Tsurtsumia-Zurabashvili

8 May 2019

On May 8, as part of the Jean Monnet Chair events Mr. Giorgi Badridze, Senior Research Officer at the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, and Ms. Ana Tsurtsumia-Zurabashvili, Policy researcher, Eurasian Democratic Security Network Representative, held a joint lecture followed by a discussion at Caucasus University.


The following topics were discussed during the meeting: Brexit’s effects on Britain and the EU; why is Brexit significant / troubling for Ireland? What does Brexit mean for The Good Friday Agreement? What will the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland be like, why is the population scared of the return of the so-called hard border; What effect will the “no deal” Brexit have on the Irish economy


The aim of the lecture was to rise awareness in students and their interest in Brexit and related processes.