9 April 2022

Francisco Aguado Sanchez, Head of Sector, European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) addressed around 300 participants of the kick-off meeting online.


He underscored that 2021 call was very important because it is the 1st call of the new Erasmus+ framework 2021-2027. According to Mr. Sanchez, in 2021 out of 821 applications 281 projects were selected (34 %). “We only finance excellence… You have submitted excellent applications on EU studies… We believe in your ideas for EU Studies. Program is very successful worldwide and you are ambassadors in this sense…”.


During the conference participants heard about Grant management process under the Jean Monnet Action. The conference was attended by Mr. Sergi Kapanadze, Jean Monnet Chair (2016-2018) and the coordinator of the EUPOLTRANS project, Ms. Irena Melua, Head of the International Relations Department and Ms. Eka Akobia, Dean of the Caucasus School of Governance.


Caucasus University was selected for the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Centers of Excellence (CoE) in 2021. Project ის titled Jean Monnet Center of Excellence for EU Policy Transposition, EUPOLTRANS. It should be noted that this is the first time that a Center of Excellence has been funded for Georgia as well as the wider region.


This Project is of great importance for facilitating Georgia’s EU integration and for intensifying the involvement of the academic sector in this process. CoE EUPOLTRANS will promote teaching, research and policy debate in EU policies (environment, consumer protection, competition policy, labor, public administration, foreign and security policy) that are covered by the AA/DCFTA, due to be transposed in 2021-2024. Project has teaching, research and policy debates components. Project involves joint group of academic personnel from Caucasus School of Governance, Caucasus School of Law and Caucasus School of Business.