Student Conference of the Caucasus School of Governance

4 June 2021


On June 3, the XII Student Scientific Conference - "Georgia and the World: Challenges of International Politics and Public Administration during a Pandemic" was held at the Caucasus School of Governance.


Three best research papers were selected according to the decision of the commission:


I place - Teona Kheladze, Alexander Todua

Topic: "Global Fairness and Vaccine Distribution: Georgia as a Small Periphery Country”


II place - Ana Razmadze, Irina Kipiani

Topic: "Political Situation in France in the Context of the 'Clash of Civilizations' and the 2022 Presidential Elections"


III place - Saba Katsadze

Topic: "Impact of the Pandemic on Russia's Foreign Policy Agenda"


Revaz Chitanava

Topic: "Effect of Epidemics on International Relations from the Twentieth Century to the Present"


Nini Gordadze, Anna Lataria

Topic: "Comparative Analysis of Georgia's Economic Relations with the EU and CIS Countries (2010-2020)"


Tekla Baghdadze, Keti Dodashvili

Topic: "Pandemic and its Prevention Mechanisms in Countries with Different Political Regimes"


Elene Asitashvili

Topic: "The Government of Georgia in the Face of Economic Crisis Caused by the Pandemic"


Nika Abuladze, Ani Samadashvili

Topic: "New Challenges of Global Energy Policy during the Pandemic and its impact on Georgia” 


The School of Governance internal scientific conference is dedicated to strengthening students' academic and research skills and promoting professional specialization. 

Students received certificates of participation.