Educational course in cooperation with the Europa Institut at the University of Zurich

12 October 2022

In the framework of cooperation between the Caucasus School of Governance (CSG) Jean Monnet Chair and the Europa Institut at the University of Zurich students of Caucasus University are offered an educational course on “European Integration in the Context of Georgia-EU Association Agreement", during the fall semester, 2022.


The abovementioned course is led by Tobias Baumgartner, the deputy chair of the Europa Institut. The course focuses on actual processes, trends and directions of EU integration. It provides students with information on several important topics like - integration and different formats of EU integration, history of EU integration and European values, foreign policy and other sectoral policies like – EU digital policies and EU environmental law.


This is an interdisciplinary course, which was offered to the students of the Caucasus School of Governance, the Caucasus School of Business and the Caucasus School of Law.


Caucasus School of Governance has been cooperating with the Europa Institut since 2019