Photo Project - "Insta-City"

11 January

Nowadays Social media has become a popular platform for arts. When speaking about photography, we should by all means mention Instagram. The Photo Project includes photos from “Insta-City” (namely of Tbilisi) as we see it on the Instagram.


37 photos of the project are captured in various styles. I wanted to show how sensations arisen by each part of the city vary sometimes even without people.


The project is divided into five parts:


  1. ColorCity –colors can be found anywhere even in the most unexpected places.
  2. GhostCity – there are certain places in the city which without people (and sometimes even with people) create a feeling of gloom and mystery.
  3. LineShapes- each city has its unique shapes, stripes and lines which are particularly vivid in the buildings.
  4. PastelCity – there are some moments when we feel we are looking at the city from pink glasses – these are magical moments.
  5. Topsy-Turvy – the last and the biggest portion comprises 13 photos, each of which can be labeled with each of the above headings, however, there is one topic uniting them – the city seen from the ground. There are many buildings in our city; especially nowadays; even skyscrapers are also being built here and there. When looking up at them from the ground level, we feel the city is far bigger than us; however, the feeling is not depressing, it’s a kind of euphoria we feel when looking at them because it is we who have built them.


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