12 July 2017

Levan Moseshvili – the Georgia Seen from the Sky


I have been dreaming of seeing the world as the birds do. When I had to opt for my future profession, I decided not only to see it but also to show it to others. At that point I decided to become a TV cameraman, I bought a Drone, which allows me to make my childhood dream come true. So I decided on the video-project.


By “the Georgia Seen from the Sky” I want to show you how breathtakingly beautiful Georgia is with its green nature, blue sea and snow-capped mountains. The Drone gives me almost unlimited freedom – almost the one the bird has, which enables me to film the views and scenery from different angles and perspectives.


Each frame depicts a view which a static camera will never be able to capture. The Drone flies a long distance; the camera has vertical panoramic movement. All of these properties create a unique picture emphasized by music giving it additional “flavor”.


Bacho Zakareishvili

Feature film – the City


The film tells about a young girl who has to face and struggle against current social challenges and problems and not only.