The success of CTS students

18 October 2018

The success of CTS students on October 11-16, a company of Caucasus University students “Resistor Geo”, visited Belarus on a business trip. The company, created by the students of School of Tourism, Nikoloz Siradze and Erekle Mefashvili, has become one of the bridges connecting Georgia and Belarus.


During the visit, an official partnership contract was signed with Information-Tourist Center Minsk)  (‘Информационно-туристский центр «Минск») which is not only important for the company, but also for Georgia because one of the main courses of ‘Resistor Geo’ is partnership with state agencies; the aforementioned company is subject to the state of Belarus.


Students of Caucasus School of Tourism, Nikoloz SIradze and Erekle Mefisashvili decided to create a tourism business holding "Resistor Geo", which currently has many partners in different parts of the world, such as: Kuwait, Belarus, Mexico, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine and others.