Permanent Advisory Board at the Caucasus School of Tourism

29 November 2021

There is some special news in the school of tourism. Initiated by the School of Tourism Administration, the School Permanent Advisory Board was established on November 25. The purpose of the Board is to plan, create and streamline the School of Tourism educational programs and projects with the direct involvement and participation of industry representatives so that all current and future education programs respond to market demands and rapidly changing industry orders.

The composition of the Council unites a wide range of representatives of the Georgian tourism industry. It includes representatives of the private, public and civil sectors, as well as academics and practitioners who regularly consult with the Caucasus School of Tourism administration, assess the relevance of academic programs and their direct link to market demands. They will also be actively involved in the development of new, local and international dual degree programs and in the process of international recertification of the existing bachelor’s degree program.