Degree Awarded: Master of Hospitality Management.

Duration of the program: 2 years. 

Teaching language: English.


The objective of the Master's Program in Tourism and Hospitality Management of the Caucasus University Tourism School is to offer students a high-level education in tourism and hospitality management and to improve their employment prospects in the local and international labor markets; The program is also focused on updating and developing the professional competencies of managers currently employed in the tourism and hospitality sector. 


The program is implemented in cooperation with the Rosen College of Hospitality Management, University of Central Florida, which ranks first in the US in hospitality management and is among the top five universities in the world. The most important subjects of the program will be taught by ROSEN College professors, which include: Management of hosting and guest services; Strategic Marketing in Hospitality and Tourism; Applied Revenue Management in Hospitality; A challenging course of training and development in the hospitality industry; Digital Marketing and Mega Data Management in Hospitality/Tourism. Those employed in the hospitality industry will be able to take these courses as part of a master's program or as separate certificate courses, and the certificate will be issued by the ROSEN College. The rest of the subjects will be taught by highly qualified professors and invited lecturers of the Caucasus Tourism School.


Program content:


  • Management of hosting and guest services
  • Strategic Marketing in Hospitality and Tourism
  • Principles of destination management
  • Academic writing techniques
  • Entrepreneurship in the Hospitality Industry: From Concept Development to Capitalization
  • Applied Revenue Management in Hospitality
  • Critical Human Resource Issues in the Hospitality Industry
  • Event Administration
  • Food service operational management
  • Qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • An enhanced training and development course in the hospitality industry
  • Digital Marketing and Mega Data Management in Hospitality/Tourism
  • Financial analysis in hospitality enterprises
  • Hospitality/Tourism Information Technology
  • Practice in the hospitality industry 


Strengths of the program:


  • Teaching carried out by highly qualified, motivated Georgian and American academic and visiting staff with theoretical, practical and research experience.
  • International standard program of contemporary content;
  • A practical component;
  • Concentration on development of research and analysis skills and of necessary skills for research planning and implementation, as well as presentation of its results;
  • Proper design, structure and content of the program focused on quality, results and interests of employers/state;
  • Current practical activities of academic staff and the potential to promote integration or employment of graduates in professional circles;
  • Innovative hospitality industry courses in the Georgian market;
  • Five high-level courses taught by University of Central Florida professors, upon completion of which graduates will receive ROSEN College certificates
  • Special course offer focusing on training employees in the tourism and hospitality industry
  • Courses focused on modern teaching-learning methods and development of practical skills.