Dean’s Welcome

Welcome to the website of New Westminster College of Caucasus University.


New Westminster College was founded in British Columbia, Canada in 2011 to provide senior-level executive seminars and intensive advanced programs in cybersecurity and information intelligence, ethical leadership, and specialty courses in diplomacy-related fields. After building a strong international reputation and an extensive collaborative network in all parts of the globe, New Westminster College merged with Caucasus University located in Tbilisi, Georgia in 2017 to form a uniquely capable and forward-focused partnership. It is now proudly imbedded within that premier academic institution as a constituent college.


New Westminster College is committed to providing world-class education that is transformational, convenient, affordable, and available to the widest spectrum of participants. Our executive seminars and programs are delivered in an intensive, interactive format with sequential modular learning as the goal.


New Westminster College currently has three constituent schools in cybersecurity, leadership, and diplomacy. Component programs serve global executive audiences interested in refining their professional knowledge and acumen in cybersecurity and quantum computing, information operations and related intelligence, leadership and ethical challenges, and the nuances of diplomacy. New Westminster College is quickly becoming popular for its ethics-based curricula that spans many disciplines.


New Westminster College’s international footprint utilizes the seasoned experience and academic qualifications of our global faculty, guest speakers, Governors and Fellows. Our Governors and Fellows represent 69 countries and include heads of state (presidents and prime ministers), cabinet-level ministers, 45 ambassadors, 120 generals and admirals, astronauts from France and the U.S. (NASA), 100 surgeons and medical doctors, world renowned scientists and professors, business leaders, and other accomplished individuals at the top of their professions.


Participants in our School of Cyber Security are exposed to subject matter experts responsible for leading and managing the cybersecurity and intelligence apparatus for their respective governments, agencies, and corporations.


Participants in our Leadership School will encounter both rigorous curricula and professors well experienced in their respective professions. Our leadership and management programs are taught by active and former corporate presidents, CEOs, generals, admirals and other seasoned leaders who provide invaluable insights to effective and ethical leadership.


Participants in our School of Diplomacy will receive focused instruction often taught by ambassadors, senior diplomats, political leaders and government executives who provide unique experience and perspective into the challenges of diplomacy, governance, public administration, and non-governmental activities. 


New Westminster College of Caucasus University provides an environment that will be challenging, enjoyable, and rewarding. Alumni and graduates of our programs remain lifelong members of our academic family and benefit from friendships established within our rapidly growing college and our professional network internationally.


On a broader level, we are a collegial community of scholars and professionals with a commitment to shape focused but flexible academic programs to assist senior personnel to remain abreast of advances in technology and real-world leadership challenges within the technological, civil, cultural, political, and commercial worlds. New Westminster College welcomes interest from leading professionals who would like to explore opportunities for venues and forums to bring together senior executives, top researchers, and others to advance these objectives and exchange ideas. Specifically, we offer access to an extraordinary network of Governors and Fellows and academic co-sponsorship with a premier university located in the strategically imperative Caucasus region.


You are invited to contact us to discuss your learning and professional aspirations. We look forward to welcoming you to New Westminster College of Caucasus University and its global family and networks.


Together we go far!


Professor David K. Shimp, PhD


New Westminster College of Caucasus University