Dean's Welcome

Dear friends,


I would like to welcome you on behalf of Caucasus School of Law, I am glad that you are visiting our university’s website. If you are an applicant, a bachelor's, master's or doctoral student, the administration of Caucasus School of Law is ready to assist you in obtaining your desired education, as well as preparing you for vocational training after graduation.

Caucasus School of Law will start creating a foundation for all this as soon as you start studying at Caucasus University. We believe that the efforts you put in education at Caucasus School of Law will be justified if you are able to realize your knowledge and skills in professional activities. Therefore, our task is not only to make each of you a highly qualified law graduate, but to assist you in successfully continuing your professional activities; becoming involved in the development of our country; using the best education received in Caucasus University in practical activities.


This attitude is also based on new approaches that, in our opinion, will help further the successful 15-year history of Caucasus School of Law with new energy and enthusiasm. In the coming years, special emphasis will be placed on offering students a variety of learning practices. We think that involving law school students in regular practice is, on one hand, necessary for them to acquire practical skills, and on the other, gives students the opportunity to start collaborating with potential employers during the learning process.

In this context, our priority will, of course, be to continue intensive relations with employers, especially since Caucasus Law School has one of the most impressive employment rates for graduates.

We plan to make our students more open to new opportunities for scientific research; expand international contacts at Caucasus School of Law; enrich and make the foreign language teaching component more attractive through innovative and exciting activities for students.

Caucasus School of Law will continue to be a haven for highly qualified legal professionals. The school will always set the bar high to ensure the special competitiveness of our graduates on the local and international labor markets.


Good luck.


Ioseb Nanobashvili, Doctor

Dean of the Caucasus School of Law