Dean's Welcome

For dozens of years, Caucasus University and the Caucasus School of Law have been Georgia's leading university in the higher education sector. We earned the trust and authority of Georgian and international students, academic staff, and international partners.


Caucasus School of Law (CSL) students become members of the university community, giving them a sense of belonging that lasts long after graduation.


For many years, CSL has taught all three levels of higher education in Georgia: bachelor's, master's, and doctoral. The university provides students with individual attention and support, while also ensuring the establishment of a disciplined academic environment in which the emphasis is not only on providing the student with a synthesis of theoretical and practical knowledge, but also on raising a person with moral values in an ethical environment.


CSL distinguishes itself through internationalization of law programs, increased student competitiveness for national, regional, and international employment, and achievement of educational results that meet modern standards. The incorporation of European studies/EU studies and comparative studies into the study courses is a unique feature.


CSL is the undisputed leader in Erasmus+ Jean Monnet activities in Georgia; it is a center of European education in Georgia, as evidenced by the initiatives announced as European Union winners. And the school is implementing groundbreaking projects in this area, including the most recent module, which won the Jean Monnet activities competition "Europeanization of law programs in Georgia."


The advancement of research and science is a specialty of CSL. The books/studies published by the Caucasus School of Law or its partnership are unique in that they significantly advance Georgian science and practice by introducing new and comparative knowledge into national law, and they can be cited in judicial law.


The content of specific syllabi, sources/literature, the highest professionalism of the academic staff, and the number of exchange programs in European universities all demonstrate CSL programs' commitment to the country's European integration progress and societal choices.


CSL graduates work in legislative, executive, and judicial bodies, as well as public law legal entities and non-profit organizations, law enforcement and other regulatory bodies, and corporate structures.


" The law is harsh but it is the law!" says the Caucasus School of Law (CSL) slogan. ("DURA LEX, SED LEX!").



Dean of the Caucasus School of Law