Public Lecture - The Dreyfus Affair: Betrayal or Loyalty

18 December 2021

A public lecture was given to the entrants on the topic - "Dreyfus Affair: Betrayal or Loyalty” at the CU campus.

 During the lecture, the speakers spoke about such historical documents of the French Republic of the XIX century as:

"I blame" Emile Zola's letter to the President of France

Emile Zola's letter to France

Dreyfus and Zola court records

The word of the prosecutor

Lawyer's word 

Roman Polanski's film "An Officer and a Spy" was also discussed during the lecture.

The lecture was delivered by:

Lawyer Luka Bibineishvili, a founding partner of Protego Maxima Legal, and Mariam Khantadze, a third-year student at Caucasus School of Law, an assistant to a lawyer at Protego Maxima Legal.

The lecture was held in question-answer mode.