Startup Accelerator

Start-up Accelerator C10 has been set up at the Caucasus University. This is a space where students are allowed to create a product prototype and generate business ideas. The Accelerator enables the teams to:


  • Validate and refine business ideas
  • Create a business model according to the idea
  • Identify target audience and gather and process general market data
  • Set up a financial model of the business
  • Create and validate a prototype
  • Plan a marketing company
  • Meet a potential investor


Below is given a short list of the activities which C10 offers to start-ups:

  • Start-up promotion – planning activities of various kinds with the view of promoting start-up culture and getting more people involved in it. Such activities include: meeting with successful and interesting entrepreneurs, activities of different kinds, conducting master classes, workshops and so on
  • Forming start-up teams – in numerous instances a group of people have an idea but do not have proper people in their surroundings needed for setting up an efficient team and starting working on the start-up idea. Therefore, one of the chief aims is to support setting up a proper team
  • Start-up acceleration – validation of the idea, refining the prototype, meeting deadlines, etc. with the view of enabling start-ups to meet the deadlines and create a prototype or set up an adequate service and delivering it to the first customer within the prescribed time limits.
  • Pitching the start-up ideas – presenting the start-up or “Pitching” is vital for getting into the Global Accelerator or for getting the first funding. The process is facilitated by a network of our professionals
  • Additional activities – activities of various kinds, outings, entertainment, excursions, etc. are important as these activities enable people to meet and get to know one another in informal setting, get additional inspiration and exchange views and ideas.