Module #1. 

Managing placing and booking, ensuring guests’ safety.


The aim of the module is to introduce the trainees to the theoretical knowledge accumulated in the field, to the essence of the hotel management as well as to its functions and methodology.


The course will cover the following issues:

  • Introduction to Hotel Management (Historical Overview, Hotel Classification Systems, Industry Growth Trends);
  • The essence of the accommodation industry and hotel services;
  • The main services of hotels and the peculiarities of their functioning;
  • Hotel room classification systems;
  • Hotel prices and pricing policy;
  • Early arrival and late check-out procedures;
  • Hotel organization and front office;
  • Booking (importance of booking for travelers and hotels, booking system overview, sources, booking procedures by guests);
  • Booking confirmation letter and its meaning;
  • Registration of guests (importance of first contact with the guest, collection of guest data, guest registration procedure, registration of the allocated room);
  • Problematic situations and solutions;
  • Guest Settlement (General Front Office Accounting Practices, Settlement and Payment Forms and Procedures);
  • Checking out (checking out procedures, Guest Stories). 


Trainer: Giorgi Kurashvili  


Duration: 18 hours (6 meetings)


16-year of experience in hospitality management, namely in hotel administration. Cooperation with such brands as: Marriott International (Tbilisi Marriott), Carlson Rezidor Hotels Group (Radisson Blu Iveria) and IHG (Holiday Inn Tbilisi). Since 2016 has been working as the reception-placing manager at Biltmore Tbilisi.


Module #2 Housekeeping


The structure and functions of housekeeping in a hotel. The operational process of housekeeping.

Trainer: Oksana Hodin – Invited trainer at Caucasus University Training Center

Duration: 12 hours (4 meetings)


Module #3. General Course in Human Resources Management;

Aim of the training:

The trainees will develop/deepen their practical and theoretical knowledge of HR management approaches which will enable them to expand their view of HR systems and later implement them, which, in its turn, will help an organization achieve its goals and create a healthy, fair and sophisticated environment.


The topics in the module:


  • HR management (classical and modern approaches);
  • HR business partner;
  • Organizational culture; communication;
  • Planning, attracting, selecting, adapting and retaining human resources;
  • Types of organizational changes;
  • Human resources management while carrying out organizational changes;
  • Stress management;
  • Compensation models, teaching and development;
  • Motivational systems, evaluation and award.


Trainer: Khatuna Tughushi – 11 years of experience in human capital management and development. In particular, Adjara Group, which combines the fields of hospitality (hotels: Holiday Inn Tbilisi, Rooms Kazbegi, Rooms Tbilisi, Stamba, Rooms Kokhta, Fabrika)" agriculture and construction.


Duration: 18 hours (6 meetings)


Module #4. Prospects of developing a Georgian brand of hotels

Aim of the training:

The goal of the training is to provide the trainees with special knowledge of hotel operation as of an organization and furnish information needed for its management. The training will discuss peculiarities of the hotel operation and current market trends.


The training is designed to equip the trainees with theoretical and practical knowledge in hospitality and allow them to develop problem solving skills. The trainees will develop skills to apply the theoretical knowledge in practice, which will allow them to plan, develop strategies and solve problems of hospitality.


Topics in the Module


  • Prospects of developing Georgian brand of hotels
  • Hotel management in Georgian reality:
    • Types of management in a hotel;
    • Team management and leadership;
    • Motivation and benefits in a hotel;


Trainer: Ketevan Alimbarashvili - Sevsamora Resort & Spa General Manager 

Duration: 6 hours (2 meetings)


Module #5 Event Management

Customer order analysis, event planning, budgeting and making an offer, administering the event operational part.

Trainer: Ana-Maria Zoidze - Hotel Holiday Inn Sales, Marketing and Event Manager.


Duration: 3 hours (1 meeting).



Module # 6. Food and Beverage Management


Module topics:

  • Wine creation and its history in Georgia and in the world.;
  • High-alcohol spirits.


Trainer: Givi Chiburdanidze -  Funicular Complex, Head of Food and Beverage Department

Duration: 6 hours (2 meetings)


Module # 7 Hotel-Travel Company Code. What the hotel needs to know about tourism activities. Who is the most desirable customer for the hotel


Topics of the module:


  • What relationship should be established between the hotel and the travel agency
  • Why travel companies are important for the hotel
  • Hotel pricing policy with travel agencies
  • Leisure & MICE Tourism
  • Distinctive features of a tour operator and a business tourism company
  • How the hotel operates on the LEISURE segment
  • How the hotel operates in the MICE segment
  • MICE Tourism Criteria for Hotels
  • Can all hotels be tailored to the MICE market?
  • Is the support of local companies important for the hotel and vice versa?
  • Conclusion, discussion, Q&A, exercises (for example, corporate offer packaging between the hotel and the travel agency) 


Trainer: Victoria Sharia: BeMICE DMC Director/Co-Founder, Trainer – Consultant


Duration: 6 hours (2 meetings)


Module # 8 Sales Management

Customer segmentation, room categorization, revenue and budgeting, sales manager functions and responsibilities

Trainer: Ana-Maria Zoidze - Hotel Holiday Inn Sales, Marketing and Event Manager.


Duration 3 hours (1 meeting)