Module # 6


  • Basics of Photosho
  • Tricolor Studio
  • Trainer - Dodo Kurtsikidze
  • Duration 6 hours (3 meetings)


The aim of the training is to teach the trainee the basic aspects of spatial planning (go through all the stages necessary to create a perfect project). In addition to getting acquainted with the theoretical material, it is important that the listener will also perform practical work. During the training, important issues of spatial planning of a residential house will be discussed.


  • Object measurement
  • Project study and analysis
  • Moving the measured object to the program
  • Spatial distribution of the apartment (corridor system, studio type open space)


  • Residential planning and specifics of architectural elements 
  • Wall, partition
  • Aperture
  • Column and Rigel
  • Arrangement of the bathroom


  • Layout of furniture in a residential apartment
  • Established norms and dimensions of furniture


  • Electricity
  • Arranging electricity on an existing plan
  • Electrical drawing processing


  • Blueprint
  • Development of plans
  • Measuring the drawing


Module # 2


Trainer - Ani Ratiani - Interior Designer

Duration: 14 hours (7 meetings)

The aim of this course is for the trainee to be able to thoroughly explore the various objects in the program transfer processing, blueprint and electrical drawing preparation.



Module # 3

Furniture design

Trainer - Taso Razmadze - Furniture designer

Duration: 11 hours (three meetings)


The aim of the training is to give the attending public knowledge about materials and technologies in furniture production. The training will discuss the history of furniture development and its adaptation to time and space as well as the established norms and proportions of the furniture.


As part of the training, the attendees will receive both theoretical and practical knowledge.


During the training, the trainee will become acquainted with the technologies of furniture making in the company "Homemade" and then will view the products in the showroom.


"Taso Design" workshop will host the trainees to process the furniture with their own hands and explore new interesting technologies.


  • Getting acquainted with materials and furniture processing technologies in the workshop of "Homemade"
  • Getting acquainted with the products made in showroom of "Homemade"
  • Furniture painting in "Taso Design" workshop
  • Final processing of "Taso Design" workshop furniture


Module # 4

Basic aspects of interior design

Trainer - Mariam Menabde Doctor of Architecture. Head of the Architecture Program at Caucasus University. Interior designer;

Duration 18 hours (9 meetings)


The aim of the training is to introduce the main aspects of interior design to the attending public. In addition to theoretical material, practical work will help explore the key components that are important in creating a harmonious design when performing a real project.


  • History of Interior Design
  • Interior design styles and modern trends
  • Space and spatial distribution
  • Lighting
  • Scale
  • Color in interior design
  • Balance
  • Rhythm in interior design
  • Classification of materials


Final lecture: presentation of projects (exhibition) and summary of the course;


Module # 5

3D modeling

Trainer - Iago Aptsiauri - Invited Lecturer at Caucasus School of Technology


Duration 18 hours (9 meetings)


The aim of this course is for the trainee to be able to thoroughly study the modeling of various objects, their texturing and final visualization (rendering) with the help of V-ray in Autodesk 3DS Max.


Module # 6

Planning and designing space for events
Tricolor Studio Tricolor Studio - event planning - management, design, showcase design, set design.


Trainers: Irina Dikhaminjia, Nino Tkeshelashvili, Nino Kalandadze, Dodo Kurtsikidze.


Planning and design of space for events:

The path from concept to implementation;
Preparation of the presentation;
Time management during the project (post-production + event day);
Basics of Photoshop.


Duration 12 hours (3 meetings)