The world medical sector is a growing, rapidly evolving and technology-focused field. Due to the pandemic, both the healthcare system and medical service providers faced significant challenges. Given the new reality, the aftermath of the pandemic and the ongoing changes in the field, it is necessary to deal with new challenges, analyze perspectives and develop new strategies based on the needs of medical institutions.


Purpose of the training:

The aim of the training is to facilitate those interested in medical management to analyze: current issues in the field, opportunities for theoretical and practical solutions to issues important for the management of medical institutions, new regulations, legal issues, occupational safety, components necessary for successful management of the organization and the role of medical quality development and risk management. After passing each module, the attendees will be able to apply the theoretical knowledge in practice and understand the tasks in front of them differently; they’ll be able to look at the ways and results of solving the tasks in a complex way.


Upon successful completion of the training, the trainee will receive a certificate from the Caucasus University Training Center (CUTC).