You are looking for a project management course that addresses the following issues in order to efficiently manage a project: How should a project be planned? What tasks make up the project? How can one assess potential risks? How can the project be made to progress effectively? How should the project's outcomes be assessed? and others


The following are the course's objectives for project management:


  • Improved comprehension of the notions of project work and work methodology.
  • You will gain knowledge of project organization, management, and control techniques.
  • You will get the knowledge and abilities required for project management.
  • You will be able to see to it that a successful project monitoring and evaluation system is developed.


For whom is this course designed?


  • For managers at the medium and upper levels whose responsibilities include project management
  • Individuals who will work as project managers in the future
  • Those who must perform certain functions/tasks within the project in a fragmented manner and thus require more project information, knowledge, and skills.