Admissions, application forms and relevant etiquette


  • Title and application forms
  • Greeting, meeting etiquette
  • Presentation
  • Attire
  • Receptions, formal and informal parties
  • Rules of conduct at receptions
  • Features of receptions and etiquette
  • Mobile phone usage etiquette


Communication, application forms, correspondence


  • Correspondence forms
  • Application forms
  • Note
  • Congratulations, Condolences/Diplomatic Protests/Invitations/Replies/Circular
  • Use of modern technologies in official communications
  • Modern Netiquette (Network Etiquette)




  • Visits and their hierarchy (official, work and private visits, high and high level visits)
  • Welcome/send-off visits, program, format
  • Visit logistics in practice
  • Multiple meetings/forums
  • Table placements
  • Rules for erecting and displaying state symbols in various cases
  • Commemorative souvenirs/gifts; Selection, transfer rule; Acceptable and avoidable gifts
  • Modern digital event management technologies, platforms and their practical application
  • High-profile cases - faux pas
  • Different practices of countries around the world
  • Discussion of examples
  • Peculiarities of etiquette in different cultures


Optional themes


Diplomatic relations and protocol between states


  • International Convention on Diplomatic Relations, Privileges and Immunities
  • Definition of Terms
  • Establishment of diplomatic relations between states
  • Establishment of diplomatic missions


Protocol in the diplomatic service: appointment and reception of the ambassador, appropriate etiquette; Diplomatic Corps: Senior-Junior protocol


  • Appointment of Ambassadors, awarding an Agrément, Award Ceremony
  • Appointment of a non-resident ambassador, awarding an Agrément, credentialing ceremony
  • Ambassador activities and etiquette, hierarchy, courtesy visits, official events
  • Sequence of diplomatic missions
  • Doyen
  • Senior-junior protocol
  • Address, titles, presenting, audiences


Diplomatic positions and ranks; Diplomatic Corps, Privileges and Principles of Operation


  • Senior, junior and primary diplomatic positions
  • Higher, senior, junior and primary diplomatic ranks
  • Diplomatic missions
  • Diplomatic mission staff and related protocols (arrival and departure notification, status change, new staffing, list of diplomats, visas, ID cards)
  • Obligations of the receiving state
  • Principles of Inviolability
  • Immunity
  • Lifting immunity
  • Respect for the laws and regulations of the receiving state
  • Termination of the functions of a diplomat
  • Case of armed conflict or severance of diplomatic relations
  • Defending the diplomatic mission
  • Tax privileges
  • Employment of a family member of a diplomat
  • Parking and traffic regulations
  • Vehicles


Ranking of Consular Posts, Institute of Honorary Consul, Office, Consular Archives, Immunities


  • Definition of terms
  • Establishing consular relations
  • Opening of a consular post
  • Functions of the consular post
  • Classes of Heads of State Institutions
  • Consular patent
  • Consular Exequatur
  • Persona Non Grata
  • Use of state flag and coat of arms
  • Privileges and immunities
  • Relations with the authorities of the receiving state
  • Consular fees/charges
  • Benefits, Privileges and Immunities of State Consular Officers and Other Consular Officers


A regime applicable to honorary consular officials and consular posts headed by such officials