"Media Literacy and Citizenship" - a new training course for primary pedagogy students

27 March 2023

In the spring semester of 2023, a new study course "Media Literacy and Citizenship" was launched for students of the Integrated Bachelor's and Master's Degree Program for Teachers of Primary Education (grades I-VI) of Caucasus Education School.


The aim of the course is, on the one hand, to promote the development of students' media literacy competence, and on the other hand, to develop practical skills for integrating media literacy competence into school subjects.


During the course, students will learn: to recognize open or hidden messages of both traditional and new media; deconstruction and critical analysis of media messages; critical understanding of the political or commercial goals of the media and their impact on society. They will develop practical skills, through which they will be able to integrate media literacy competence in the classrooms of Georgian schools.


The project is carried out with the cooperation of Caucasus Schools of Education and Media. The author and facilitator of the training course is the head of the Scientific Research Center of the Caucasus School of Media, Doctor of Social Sciences, Associate Professor of Caucasus University, Giorgi Jologua.


The training course is currently being tested out, and in the future, it is intended to become a mandatory part of the program. The relevance and quality of the training course is well demonstrated by the interest and level of attendance of the students. The Caucasus Education School plans to implement a similar training course within the framework of other programs, both for pedagogy and management specialists.