program structure

Georgian language training program has 60 ECTS credits, lasts for 2 semesters, each semester includes 30 ECTS credits.


The 30 ECTS credits of the program, within the first semester, will be devoted to equalizing the knowledge level of the students within different language competencies (writing, reading, listening, speaking) for the unified compulsory course of the second semester, for which students will be divided into A and B block groups according to the basic language test results in Georgian (Writing and reading skills - written competencies, and listening-speaking competencies are determined by audiotext and oral interview).


Within the second semester, 20 ECTS credits will be dedicated to the unified compulsory Georgian language course, in addition, the program includes a compulsory component of intercultural education (5 credits), in the form of the following course: "Tolerance and a Diverse World".


In the same semester students will study 5 ECTS credits worth of compulsory-elective field module in 4 areas (Humanities and Sociology; Business and Technology; Public Administration; Medicine and Healthcare), 6 sub-fields (Field Language - Humanities; Field Language - Social Sciences and Education; Media and Cinema Language; Field Language - Technologies; Field Language - Business, Economics, Tourism; Field Language - Law, International Relations and Public Administration; Field Language - Medicine and Healthcare). These elective courses are designed with students' future professional choices in mind and include teaching terminology, field vocabulary, and language constructs that are specific to one field or another (in fact, the choice covers all schools at Caucasus University).