Cyber Security Center

The Cyber Security Center's mission is to promote the development of the school's scientific and educational activities in the direction of Cyber Security, to implement projects related to Cyber Security, and to develop the field in both practical and scientific directions.


The Cyber Security Center is the region's official exclusive representative of BIT SENTINEL, Europe's largest global cyber security organization.


Main functions of the center:


  • Facilitating and coordinating the implementation of projects related to cyber security;
  • Implementation of consulting activities in the direction of cyber security;
  • Intellectual support of school students' projects in the direction of cyber security;
  • Development of new cyber security training courses;
  • Conducting cyber security courses and trainings;
  • Developing new inductivity testing courses in collaboration with the CyberEdu team;
  • Organization of hackathons across the region.


Structure of the center:


  • Director of the center - Maxim Iavich;
  • Deputy director of the center - Giorgi Iashvili;
  • Chief specialist - Sergo Simonov;
  • Chief specialist - Giorgi Akhalaia;
  • Chief specialist - Archil Shengelia;
  • Specialist - Davit Bochorishvili.