Dean's Welcome

17a2a38Today, tourism is one of the leading and fastest developing industries in Georgia and well developed tourism is absolute pre-requisite for economic development of our country. Thus obtaining a bachelor’s degree in tourism from Caucasus University is a guarantee for future success of its every graduate.


Caucasus Tourism School (CTS) gathers best pull of professors and practitioners in the field. Considering the specific characteristics of the field, majority of lecturers at our School are practitioners including founders and top managers of leading hotels and touristic agencies in the country. Number of lectures are public officials that are enrolled in development and implementation of the state tourism policy. Combination of a theory and practice creates an environment where students can gain valuable knowledge in the field as well as have a broad perspective for future employment as lectures often recruit their employees among successful graduates of the School or provide them with recommendations.


CTS curricula is developed in accordance to international education standards and is mainly based on Austrian teaching model providing the best synthesis of thematic courses and courses from business administration field necessary for raising efficient and highly-skilled professional managers.  CTS  also provides opportunity to its students to learn highly demanded foreign languages. And finally, the school provides a unique perspective to participate in exchange programs with international universities were students can spend a semester and enhance their professionalism while paying only minimum tuition.


Everyone interested in gaining knowledge with a great possibility for employment, as well as commitment to contribute to the development of one of the most important industries in Georgia, Caucasus Tourism School is the best destination.


Caucasus Tourism School has a campus in Tbilisi as well as in Batumi to make it accessible for representatives of all regions of the country.


I wish you success.


Nino Kalandadze,

Dean of Caucasus Tourism School