Caucasus School of Tourism Shares Successful TedQual Certification Process with Universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

7 July 2021


Giorgi Bregadze, Associate Professor at Caucasus School of Tourism and Head of the Research and Planning Division of the National Tourism Administration, shared the successful TedQual certification process of Caucasus School of Tourism with the universities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The process is supported by the USAID Representation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and aims to raise awareness and promote TedQual.


Also participating in the webinar: Dr.  Donald Hawkins, Solimar International;  Omar Valdez, UNWTO Academy;  Dr. Joe Ruddy, USAID Tourism, Dr. Larry Yu, Prof., George Washington University.


Caucasus University is the first in Georgia and one of the first in the region to successfully complete the certification process. The TedQual certification system of the World Tourism Organization is one of the highest standards in the field of education, training and research in the field of tourism, which is administered by the MTO Academy. The quality system checks the pedagogical and organizational smoothness and effectiveness of tourism programs. Through certification, it has been proven once again that the Caucasus Tourism Program is in line with international standards and prepares students to be highly qualified professionals. With this success, Georgia has significantly advanced in the global competition for higher education. 


It should be noted that obtaining a certificate means adapting to the market demands of the program and responding to them adequately.