Program Structure

What novelties does the Doctoral Program of Caucasus School of Law offer?

Caucasus School of Law has launched a revised doctoral program which prepares highly qualified professionals, specialists and researchers who will meet the demands of international PhD programs based on the world’s best experience and innovative technologies. The PhD program has enrolled the first intake of 50 people.

Among the PhD students of Caucasus School of Law are judges of Tbilisi City Court, prominent lawyers, notaries and high-ranking public officials. 


How is PhD Program of Caucasus School of Law different from other PhD programs?


The structure and contents of PhD Program of Caucasus School of Law are based on the following principles:


  • despite the fact that attendance is mandatory, the academic process does not interfere with the employment of PhD student of Caucasus School of Law, which is why the academic process starts at 7.00 pm
  • PhD student decides on his/her academic workload. The contact hours are limited to the maximum possible degree and the major focus is on independent work
  • the academic part of the program is limited to four interdisciplinary courses and two thematic seminars
  • the scientific part of the program allows the PhD student to devote more time to research without too many bureaucratic procedures
  • within the project the PhD student can participate in the grant projects and gain scholarship to pursue education in Europe
  • after defending the dissertation successfully the PhD students are given an opportunity to get employment at Caucasus University
  • after completing the PhD program, the PhD student is conferred Doctor’s academic degree