Enrollment Requirements:

Complete the online application and include scanned copies of all original supporting documents as listed below (in English, or certified translation if in an another language):
Candidates holding Bachalor's Degree in Law must pass Unified National Exams for Master's Degree study. Students are offically enrolled in the program after the issuance of the Minister's Decree on the student's enrollment in the acredited higher educational institution, and after successfully passing an interview by the university entrance committee.
Papers to be submitted

1. A copy of the diploma (attested by a Notary) + grades transcript
2. A copy of the Identification Card
3. Military transcript
4. Four photos 3x4 (also electronic version recorded on the CD)
5. Certificate confirming passing the Unified National Examination
6. Cover letter
7. Two references
Admission Rules and Procedure:
Admission Rules and procedures are as follows:
  • Pass the unified Postgraduate exams
  • being a successful candidate at the interviews and procedures prescribed by the University




  • Deadline for document submission - September 7
  • Examination English Language - 10:00 am and 12:00 pm, September 8
  • Interview with candidates - 10:00 am., September 15
Tuition Fee:
While studying at the Mater's Program, CU grant can be used as a source of funding.

CU Grant covers 50% of the full cost of the program, which can be obtained in the case:
- You hold Bachelor's Degree of any University
- And your Grade Point Average (GPA) on the Bachelor's level is 3.5 and higher.

The annual price of the Master's Program is:
Standard CU fee When obtaining CU grant When obtaining State and CU grant
4 950 GEL 2 475 GEL 1 350 GEL

Standard CU fee When obtaining CU grant When obtaining State and CU grant
4 950 GEL 3 200 GEL 950 GEL
In the case GPA of a graduate of the Caucasus University is lower than 3.5, he/she will get 10% funding of the total tuition fee. 

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