University Clubs

Student organizations play an important role in creating the social, cultural and intellectual environment of the university. Associations like this, whether in the fields of culture, sports or advocacy, give students the opportunity to engage in activities that promote personal growth, leadership skills and the formation of a student community. Student clubs unite students around common interests.


These organizations, based on social, entertainment or professional interests, hold social events, seminars, panels and conferences, concerts, sports competitions, charities or other student events. In this way, students are given the opportunity to create activities and implement ideas, while the University promotes and supports the pursuit of their interests.


At present, the following clubs operate at the university:


Dance Club "Caucasus Choreographic Ensemble"

Head of the club - Megi Kiknadze


Tel.: 557 44 74 39 


Caucasus University Folklore Ensemble

Head of the club - Khatuna Kazishvili

Tel.: 595 00 38 23


CU Lit Club - Literary Club

Head of the club - Mikheil Antadze


Tel.: 595 90 80 90



CU troupe - Caucasus Theater troupe

Head of the club - Vato Jugheli

Tel.: 593 161731


Football Club


Tel.: 598 16 20 06


Yoga Lovers Club


Tel.: 598 16 20 06


Table tennis club


Tel.: 598 16 20 06