Student Labs

Drawing studio - a space for students of the architecture program, where practical lectures are held.


 Architectural Auditorium - A space for computer programs and project designs for architecture program students.


Electronics Lab – The students of electronics and computer engineering program gain practical knowledge and experience in this space.



Art Studio - This studio is a rehearsal space for the following student clubs at the university: theatrical troupe, folklore and dance ensembles.


Clinical Skills Laboratory - Medical students will apply theoretical knowledge in practice in this space.






Courtroom - The courtroom hosts a variety of activities for students and entrants, such as mock trials.




Media School Studio - Prospective journalists have the opportunity to learn how to work with a camera and a prompter as well as editing, recording, filming, programming, and key issues that are essential skills for their future profession.


Architectural Studio - In the studio, students have the opportunity to gain experience from lecturers and architects working at the university. The work of the studio is focused on raising the qualification of the student and them gaining practical experience.




Online Radio - Radio CSM was established in 2014, it is a student media and its content is created by different generations of students of Caucasus School of Media.




C10 - Startup Accelerator C10 helps students develop their own startups from idea to prototype in a short time.