1. "Georgian brand hotel management"


  • Prospects for the development of the Georgian brand hotel
  • Hotel management in the Georgian reality:
    • Management types in hotels;
    • Team management and leadership;
    • Motivation and benefits at hotels;


Trainer - Ketevan Alimbarashvili


Duration - (6 hours - 3 meetings)


  1. "Online Sales"

Target segments of digital sales:


  • Overview of segments;
  • Characterization of each segment;
  • Defining segment behavior;
  • Description of the segment decision process (from need perception - to subsequent buying behavior)

Platform Review:


  • Platform characterization and working principles;
  • Platform rules and conditions;
  • How the platform algorithm works;
  • Basic functionality - management of calendar, prices
  • Fill in and change information;
  • Booking management, invoices;
  • Description text, location;
  • Photo and visual materials;
  • Pricing strategies;
  • Examples of stimulating actions;
  • Strategies to increase the visibility of offers.


Trainer - Giorgi Berechkidze


Duration - (6 hours - 3 meetings)


  1. “Hotel and Tourism Company Relations Code. What the hotel needs to know about tourism. Who is the most desirable customer for the hotel?
  • “What kind of relationship should be established between the hotel and the travel agency
  • Why travel companies are important to hotels
  • Hotel pricing policy with travel agencies
  • Leisure & MICE Tourism
  • Distinctive features of tour operator and business tourism company
  • How the hotel works on the LEISURE segment
  • How the hotel works on the MICE segment
  • MICE Tourism Criteria for Hotels
  • Can all hotels be tailored to the MICE market
  • Is it important for hotels to support local companies and vice versa?
  • Conclusion, discussion, Q&A, exercises (for example, packaging a corporate offer between a hotel and a tour agency)


Trainer - Victoria Sharia


Duration 3 hours - 1 meeting