Cleaning department services


  • Organizational structure of the cleaning department; Discussion of positions; Creating a work schedule
  • Hotel, Guest, and Employee Safety at Work
  • Cleaning tools: inventory, equipment and machines, the rules of their operation;
  • Cleaning products, features of their use;
  • Safety of the use of chemical solutions - Instructions for the safe use of chemical solutions (MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets)
  • Floor surfaces and their cleaning (technology for working with different types)
  • Identification of linens and towels, inventory of linens
  • Identification of bathroom hygiene products and room accessories, filling-renewal procedure.
  • Sequence of daily sorting of rooms; Work assignment
  • Rules for disposing of found and lost items
  • Types of sorting rooms and public areas
  • Additional services of the Cleaning Department (washing, additional items)
  • Supervision function - duties (quality control of the activities of the Cleaning Department, inspection four in the morning / evening, etc.)
  • Coordination of information with reception-placement as well as engineering-technical departments;