• Incoterms 2020 - General Introduction
  • Changes 2000- 2010-2020
  • Trading Transaction Principle and Incoterms (What You Need to Know)
  • Trading rules
  • Practical exercises and review of cases


Each session includes a part of the presentation (introduction to the topic), discussion, individual and group presentations. The trainer divides working groups of 4-5 people to work on group assignments and presentation.


The following facilitation methods are used during the training:


  • Verbal method
  • Discussion
  • Simulation
  • Presentation


During the training, the degree of assimilation of the material by the individual participant is assessed by pre-post and final testing methods. Specifically, on the day of the training, the participants are given tests (10 multiple choise questions) before becoming acquainted with the material, and then after the training (the same test). The results of the review allow the particular participant to familiarize themselves with the material and make progress around the issue. Both test versions will be delivered to participants upon completion of the training, on the same day.