Program Structure

One-cycle educational programme “Medical Doctor” is learner-centered, designed in the ECTS credit system and based on a student workload necessary for achievement of the programme learning outcomes.


The programme comprises 360 ECTS. 60 ECTS per year; 30 ECTS per semester. Accordingly the duration of the programme is 6 years/12 semesters. Each academic year consists of two semesters – Fall and Spring; each semester comprises 19 weeks; hence, each academic year is scheduled for 38 weeks.


Individual workload allows less than 60 credits per year but no more than 75.


One ECTS equals 25 Credit hours, which includes contact hours (classes, seminars, practical etc.) as well as independent hours of work.


The programme consists of:


  • Mandatory courses – 346 (ECTS), among them:
  • Integrated Modules - 60 (ECTS)
  • Basic/Preclinical courses - 82 (ECTS)
  • Clinical courses - 173 (ECTS)
  • Clinical Internship – 14 (ECTS)
  • Scientific skills - 17 (ECTS)
  • Eleective courses (14 ECTS)