Orientation Program for CSH Students
On September 4, an orientation program between administration and freshmen of Caucasus School of Humanities was conducted. Freshmen met with representatives of School and obtained academic information about the educational process.

Students were given CU prizes and handout, whereby each students have the opportunity
Professor at Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice visited CU
On May 1, under the guidance of Schools of Humanities and Governance, Robert Nalbandov, Professor at Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice (Angelo State University) visited CU. He held a public lecture for students on Democratic Process in Georgia, Ukraine and Belarus at the Prof. Mzia Mikeladze Auditorium.
Meeting with Georgian Interpreter Nana Bukhradze
On April 17, Georgian Interpreter Nana Bukhradze visited Caucasus University's School of Humanities and met with philology concentration students. She held a lecture in English language and shared her interpreter experience with students. Nana introduced students with her translated works of Galaktion Tabidze, Anna Kalandadze
Lecture "History of Europe"
On March 15, at Shalva Amiranashvili Museum of Fine Arts, lecture "History of Europe" for CSH sophomores was held. The theme of the lecture was "The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Era". The lecture was conducted in the background of works collections by famous Italian and French artists - Jacques-Louis David, Antoine Gross, Louis Miles, Jean-Baptiste Izabe, Antonio Canova, Lorenzo Bartolini and 57 others works. The lecture was led by lecturer David Bregvadze and Doctor of History of Science
Caucasus School of Humanities Student 3rd Scientific Conference
On March 8, Caucasus School of Humanities Student 3rd Scientific Conference was held with the participation of six CSH
Caucasus School of Humanities holds Open House
On March 10, 2012, CSH held an Open House for potential students. High school students were provided with detailed information about the bachelor's degree programs.
Public Lecture by Prof. Ivane Menteshashvili
On January 28, at National Library of Parliament of Georgia, Caucasus University's School of Humanities students attended the public lecture given by PhD in History, Prof. Ivane Menteshashvili. He talked about the international congress organized by Napoleon International Society which was conducted  at the end of last year in Moscow.  A total of 70 historians from 13 countries participated. The main tendencies of Napoleon Bonaparte in Modern Historiography was presented during the lecture,
Master's Student Defended her Work
On December 29, Meri Kirvalidzed, European Studies Master's Program Student at CSH
Leven Bregadze visited Caucasus School of Humanities

On November 21, Levan Bregadze, a famous Georgian critic and journalist visited Caucasus University's School of Humanities.