CST Students` Final Projects

11 January

On July 12, Caucasus University´s Technology School bachelor's students presented final products which they created.

Presentations/Concentration – programming system:

Keti Sovdagrishvili (Head: Merab Tavartkiladze) – Electronic Commerce in Georgia;
Tornike Bibilashvili - (Head: Zaza Gamezardashvili) Georgian scanned text readerprogram (heuristic method):
Beka Gelashvili - (Head: Zaza Gamezardashvili) - Georgian scanned text reader program (using Grapta theory);
Konstantine Gakharia - (Head: Ioseb Dzmanashvili) - Student Assessment Management System.

Concentration – Human-computer interaction and graphics:

Irine Kharadze - (Head: Alexander Asatiani) - visual communication.

Committee consisted of representatives from CST and invited specialists, who judged the merit of the outstanding presentations.