Caucasus University was awarded the status of Fortinet's academic training partner

3 December 2022

Fortinet granted Caucasus University the status of Fortinet academic training partner, which was implemented with the initiative and support of the Caucasus Cyber Security Center.


Any Caucasus University student who enrolls in a study course can take advantage of the aforementioned academic partner status to get access to the most recent tools and products in the field of network and system security as well as a virtual lab setting where different cyberattacks and defenses can be practiced in real time.


The academic partner's training program was developed in accordance with the standards and guidelines of the US state cyber security, which guarantees the high quality of training of experts in the field.


After successfully completing the course, students will be eligible to receive a free voucher for the Fortinet industrial certification exam. Students who pass the relevant exam will be granted the status of international specialists, engineers, and experts, which are in high demand in the global labor market.


Fortinet, founded in 2000 in the United States of America, is the largest company in the top five worldwide in the production of computer networks and systems, as well as cyber security devices. The company creates network and system security appliances for small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses, and over 615,000 organizations use them to protect their digital infrastructure and business.


It should be noted that the Caucasus Cyber Security Center, which was founded in 2021 on the foundation of the Caucasus University School of Technology and played a significant role in obtaining the status of academic training partner for Fortinet, is the official exclusive representative of Europe's largest global cyber security organization BIT SENTINEL in the area. The Caucasus Cyber Security Center's employees are certified through OSCP or CyberEdu.


Certificate confirming the academic partner.