MOU was signed with Leading Companies

11 January

On May 8, a memorandum of understanding, MOU was signed between Caucasus University and leading Georgian companies, such as: "Algorythm", "Alta", "IBERIA BUSINESS GROUP", "ITDC", "Music Box", "Omedia", "Orient Logic", "Orange Graphic", "Pixel", "PrivatBank", "ProgressBank", "Propaganda", "Proservice", "Softline".


The purpose of the cooperation agreement is to carry out joint activities, such as professional preparation of Bachelor's, Master's and PhD students and to continue to support their development, strengthening of theoretical knowledge and how ways for them apply what they learn in practical ways.

The signing of the MOU with companies is useful. Such cooperation includes practical preparation of young specialists and the continued education and development of highly skilled specialists which is so much in demand in the Georgian market.

Kakha Shengelia, CU president and representative of Caucasus University's School of Technology attended the signing event.