Inner School Contest at Caucasus School of Technology

16 December 2019

On December 15, Caucasus School of Technology hosted an interdisciplinary content programming contest. Task testing was performed using the Task Testing System of developed by a student of Caucasus School of Technology.


The contest was organized in a student manner, with participants given six tasks of varying difficulty, some of which were drawn up by an organizational group and some taken from other Olympics.


The best result - four goals were solved by Sandro Skhirtladze, who deserves the first place.


Prize-winning students receive bonus points in specialty subjects.


Organizational group:


Mr. Zaza Gamezardashvili - Assistant Professor at Caucasus School of Technology; Coordinator of Georgian Students' Informatics Team.


Temur Takalandze -  Student at Caucasus School of Technology, Task Testing System Developer, Back-end Developer (Company "Omedia").