Success of CST student in international student science competition

3 June 2021


Sergei Simonov, a student at Caucasus School of Technology, became the winner of the CyberBattle2021 International Student Science Competition. 


Sergei Simonov created a scientific paper on the simulation of the 5G environment. He introduced a new security feature for 5G using machine learning. Sergei simulated 5G attacks and demonstrated the effectiveness of the method he proposed. 


Sergei's Scientific Supervisor was Prof. Maxim Iavich, Head of the Computer Science Program at Caucasus University.


CyberBattle2021 was attended by students from leading universities in Ukraine, China, Jordan, Poland, Georgia, Northern Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus and Lisbon. 


The competition was established in 2020 by the National Aviation University and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.